Know the accessories of sanitaryware bath fittings
Your bathroom is totally incomplete without accurate sanitary fittings. This sanitary fitting also represents your bathroom with a modern look. Only the people, who are buying such types of products can understand what types of sanitary fittings they required. But many times, they suffer from buying the wrong bath fitting.
Mostly, there are several types of fitting for the bathroom. When you decide to buy sanitaryware bath fittings, try to find out what type is convenient for you.
There are multiple sanitaryware bath fittings found for your bathroom, such as:
Faucet (TAP): This type usually has taps (faucets). It can supply both hot and cold water along with providing spray facilities that use for faster rinsing.
Mirror: You canโ€™t ignore the importance of mirrors at your bathroom. This is must-have stuff. However, generally, the mirror should be a minimum height of 1.6 inches above from the washing basin.
Self: A self is another important stuff for a bathroom. You can put necessary miniature objects in it like a hand wash, brush basket, washing brush, etc.
Vanity unit: It can be formed with a mirror door. It is suitable for the washbasin. You can use it instead of the medicine cabinet.
Soap dish: The appropriate position of soap dish is on the wall beside the basin. It is good to install at the height of 3โ€™6โ€™โ€™ inches from the floor. But you have the preferred option of yourself.
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