How to check the quality of the marbles and granite?

As the time changes our requirement is also changes. Focusing our requirement many flooring industries are introduce us with new ranges of marbles and granite which gives an elegant and expensive look to our home office or other commercial plots.Signature Lifestyles is a genuine and authentic service providers or supplier in Chennai market with whom you can get the best of deals within affordable price. Before you purchase any of such products it is important to carry out a detailed study about Marbles & Granite and accordingly buy it from suitable sources.Here are a few tests you can conduct yourself to check the quality of marble tiles:

  • Before buy must check their thickness from all sides. If the tile does not have an equal thickness, it is not of good quality as it might crack or break easily.
  • The strains in each tile may fluctuate, but make sure the colour of Marbles & Granite is uniform as specified.
  • All of four sides of each marbles must be machine cut as well have straight lines. If the marbles are of uneven sizes, cutting and installing them would be a bother.
  • Be sure that the Marbles & Granite gives clear ringing sound when struck.
  • The backside of the granite should also be checked for cracks and fissures.

Suppliers in Chennai

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