quartz slate tile: gives a natural touch to your sweet home

Flooring is one of the most important part to complete the house or commercial properties. The only thing that give strength and support to your entire building or office that is its long and durable floor. So, deciding on the ideal floor for your house or office is a very important task as there is a large variety to choose from. Quartz slate tilefor the floor of your house is an excellent choice as it provides toughness and rigidity and at the same time gives a classy and elegant look to your house. These tiles are very attractive and many finishes are available of it like, tumbled, honed, natural split, random etc.

The composition of the quartz slate tile

Quartz slate tile is a natural and foliated metamorphic rock and so it is very safe, when compared to many other flooring materials as it is free from toxins or chemicals. It is essentially to comprises of minerals of muscovite and quartz. The color of the slate depends on the site in which it was mined. Slates are formed from shale, a sedimentary rock which consists of volcanic ash or clay. Many people use quartz slate tile for the floor of their house as it is available in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, sizes and shapes and thus can easily suit the decor of the house.

Best choice for outdoor and indoor

Quartz slate tile is perfect for indoor and outdoor flooring. They are used in kitchens, halls, bathrooms, patios etc. a very big advantage of using tiles or slabs of slate for floor, is that it is water and fire resistant. Hence in kitchens where chances of a fire are highly probable slate can be effectively used. Also, in bathrooms, as it is always wet and damp, slate is a primary candidate for flooring as it is not slippery as well. Thus, any kind of renovation of the flooring is not required even after decades. This way slate is more economical than other flooring materials.