Uses and advantages of Polymer Composite Tiles

To obtain the optimal combination of long-lasting properties of steel and dignified appearance of natural stone, you must select a composite roof shingles. It has several advantages. Polymer Composite Tiles– a layered structure. At the heart of it – steel sheet coated with a protective polymer alloy. On the outside are coloured granules under the stone.

Everyone wants their house was cozy and beautiful. Owners of country cottages, with a special thrill relate to the choice of quality materials for both the department and for the civil works. Inside the building, for example, to acquire the unit floor only technologically advanced components. Laminate flooring, Polymer Composite Tiles– all in high demand. And so, the house was warm and dry, you need to seriously approach the installation of the roof.

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Very popular today is the Polymer Composite Tiles. Many people want to stuff the roof was strong and reliable as steel, and the appearance must meet the latest fashion trends. All these qualities are perfectly combined in such a material as composite shingles. It is a kind of layer cake, which are the basis steel sheet with protective alyumotsinkovym alloy.

Covering the metal on both sides, it is up to ten times the service life of the product. Outer side – it is colored granules, fully imitating the structure of natural stone. In order to exclude external influences, they are additionally covered by a high-strength acrylic which is resistant to precipitation and direct sunlight. As a result, tile does not burn, the granules are not washed with water, and the roof over the decades to please its owners.

The main advantages of such coatings are:

– A relatively low weight,

– A chic look,

– A wide range of colors,

– A variety of shapes and colors.

Among the shortcomings can be identified only a high price. Well, the quality has to pay. Especially in connection with the development of technology and mass production of composite shingles, manufacturers reduce prices over time.